Unemployed Loan - Know What They Are For

When losing the jobs badly harms your life's overall financial balance, you can look after the unemployed loan. The specialized product focuses on unemployed borrowers' particular class and offers much needed financial help during critical times. These loans do require any financial obligations like guarantor or collateral. This is why these loans are also called loans with no guarantor and broker. These loans can work as the backup for your finances because they keep the cash flow coming to your bank account.

What are the Varieties of Unemployed Loans?

You will have several funding opportunities in your favour by opting for unemployed loans. Like all lending sources, these loans also have different varieties to offer for the borrowers. It helps in two ways: first, borrowers with no job can solve their multiple problems, and second, they have a variety of loan options to choose from without the compulsion of depending upon a single type.

As the responsible direct lender in the UK, we have various unemployed loans in which you can make your selection of a loan deal that is affordable to you.

1. Quick Loans

These loans are the perfect choices for extreme financial emergencies. You can apply for quick loans for unemployed when you need money immediately without comprising of unnecessary paperwork. You can send your loan application by sitting at home or anywhere from your Smartphone or laptop.

2. Personal Loans

We know being unemployed means you have to face many difficulties to meet your personal ends. Now, you have a solution from us in the form of unemployed personal loans. With these loans, you can cover daily and urgent financial expenses.

3. Payday Loans

Having financial urgencies is obvious during the unemployment phase. You cannot cover everything with a part-time income. You need additional funding from somewhere, and there is nothing better than payday loans for the unemployed. Avail of these loans now and repay on your next salary day

4. Bad Credit Loans

Are you feeling bad with your poor credit score? Of course, this is a matter of concern because the lending institutions are quite particular about the borrowers' credit scores. In particular, traditional lenders prefer people with good credit history. However, this is not the case with FocusLoans because we have a specialized loan product called loans for unemployed with bad credit. Moreover, interest rates are still competitive.

These loans for bad credit and no brokers can require you to pay off the debt in a lump sum or in instalments depending on the amount of borrowing. If you obtain a small amount of money, you will pay off the debt in a lump sum. These small loans aim at helping you tide over during financial emergencies.

If you want to borrow a significant amount of money, you will pay off the debt in fixed monthly instalments. Instalment bad credit loans can improve your credit rating and they aim at funding planned expenses like wedding.

5. Doorstep Loans

Is coming out from your home to seek funding access becoming difficult? You do not need to do so because we understand that you must be busy in the interviews to find out the new job or do some part-time income. In such a scenario, we come in front to help you with the doorstep loans 4 unemployed. We send our agent who enables you to process the loan without any errors, and the same representative will come on weekly or monthly to collect the repayments. Thus, you cannot miss the repayments with such cash-at-the-door service.

6. Short Term Loans

Do you have a financial desire to accomplish? Are you seeking for funds to fulfil a financial need? The time has come for you to approach us online and apply for short term loans for unemployed available from 3 months to 12 months. Follow the loan procedure sincerely and we are ready to assist you with many opportunities.

7. Emergency Loans

We have recently come out with more instant loans for the jobless people. We offer emergency loans for unemployed with not much asking for the paper formalities or legwork. To apply for the loan, you can send us the text message also as the loan query. We vouch for immediate financial help or most of the time on the same day basis.

An Important Note: FocusLoans is not interested in charging higher interest rates just because the borrower is unemployed and has bad credit. We are among those trustworthy online lenders known for their affordable deals on loans for the unemployed in the UK. With no upfront charges, you only need to pay the interest rates.

I am a tenant. Can I take out guaranteed loans for the unemployed in the UK?

A couple of direct lenders do not lend money to tenants but Focusloans does. Of course, you can apply for guaranteed loans for the unemployed in the UK even if you do not own a house. These are small loans, which mean you will likely be paying off the debt in a lump sum. The repayment term does not exist more than a month. As you are applying for these loans as a tenant, these loans are also called unsecured tenant loans. They do not require a guarantor, nor do they require collateral.

Note: you must have been living in the same address for more than six months. Frequently switching from one area to another can make it difficult for you to qualify for these loans.

What are the Advantages of Loans for Unemployed People?

As the curious borrower of unemployed loans, you want to know the loan benefits that can further assist and enhance your financial situation. Here they are:-

Can I apply for a loan if I’m unemployed?

Loans Status Why FL
How much can we borrow? - Up to £50,000 and No fees, ever!
Repayment options available Yes 3 to 36 Months No paperwork
Can I apply with bad credit history? Yes Instant decision
Can I choose Instalments option Yes Flexible repayment
Do we check credit score* NO No credit footprint

Loan Procedure for Unemployed People

When the baggage of multiple obligations is on your shoulders, the prime concern is to get the funds instantly. We too have the same concern and that reflects in the procedures that are CERTAINLY NOT SLOW.

Get funds in three simple steps -

Step 1

Fill out a single-page application form with mandatory details and submit it.

Step 2

We go through your application, and if everything goes right, we approve your loan application.

Step 3

A quick fund transfer to your bank account within 60 minutes of loan approval.

Eligibility/ Criteria

Are you feeling overburdened with no full-time job? FocusLoans brings unemployed loans on easy eligibility conditions, such as.

Loans For Unemployed Faqs

Can you borrow money from the bank without a job?

Banks have their own set of rules that are prevalent in the mainstream lending industry. They cannot compromise on that part and a certain source of income is necessary to show. However, if after job loss you are earning through a part-time job or freelancing then at least you can try.

How can I get money fast without a loan?

This is something that depends on your personal circumstances. There can be varied ways to arrange funds. Help from friends and family, selling off your assets are some of the common ways that you can try.

What Loans Can I get on benefits?

Every deal of loans for unemployed comes with certain benefits. Get in detail, know about the features. Many lenders provide unemployed loans for people on benefits; you just need to find the deal that fits best for you.

Are there any loans for people on benefits?

Yes, several deals on the loans for unemployed are available for people on benefits. You need to first with the actual need i.e. ‘loans for unemployed people on benefits’. Varied lenders have varied guidelines on this aspect and that can affect your decision. Better is to do a deep research beforehand and then exploit the option that is most suitable according to your circumstances.

Can I get a loan with bad credit and no job?

If you can prove your repayment capacity against the desired loan amount, you can get funds despite bad credit and no job. Salary slips from the last job, recent bank statements are the important tools to convince the lender. Earnings from freelance or part-time job etc. make the situation even more promising.

What is the easy process to get loans for unemployed uk

If you are unemployed at the moment, you may be requiring a little extra cash. You can come to us as we offer you quick loans for unemployed. Start by filling a quick application form that includes your personal and financial information.

Once your current situation meets our loan criteria, you are immediately offered with the suitable deal. When you apply with us, you are under no obligation, and it does not damage your credit score.

Need any guarantor to take loan, if I am unemployed

Even if you are unemployed, you are still eligible for a loan, and you do not need a guarantor. But without a guarantor, you need a good credit score or an alternate source of income.

Alternatively, if you have bear the ability to repay the loan, we offer you the right deal. For your loan, you do not need to have a job but a regular source of income.

If you do not have the alternate income, but you are still confident for your repayments, we are good to go with it.

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