Are you finding hard to manage with high-interest credit card payment? Is your current finance not allowing you to get rid of the debts? Well, you are not the single person to stand in this list.

A lot of research has revealed that the UK people are used to keep at least four credit cards that maybe with an average balance of £5000. Managing their payments separately would be challenging for any individual.

If you consolidate those balances into one single payment, then it can be more manageable for you to pay the only single payment in the month. Thus, you don’t have to struggle with three or four payments with different last dates.

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt consolidation loan is like another personal loan but availed to borrow money and to pay off all the pending high-interest debts related to loans, credit cards and store cards. It eases your monthly payment and creates a chance to save more money.

Wait; are debt consolidation loans available for bad credit people in the UK? It can be tricky to get loans with a blemished credit report, but options are there to utilise. We provide you personal loans to consolidate debt, and that will be on bespoke offers.

Here are the loan features that you get:

  • Borrow the amount up to £25000
  • We can extend the loan term till 60 months
  • Favourable rate of interest
  • Apply online with no documentation
  • Debt consolidation loans experts


Like any other loan, if the credit score is higher, then the lesser risk involvement will be while availing the loans.

Many think one needs a good credit score to avail of debt consolidation loans from direct lenders in the UK. This is a half-truth. Nowadays, loans are easily available for those with lower credit profiles.

The interest rates are generally higher in debt consolidation loans for bad credit people. Nevertheless, it is still a better option instead of paying separate debts with varied interest rates. Suppose your primary focus is on balancing the overall finances. In that case, you may have some other personal loan options to consider, but for consolidating debts, this option is far suitable than any other.

Therefore, the lenders are there offering these loans despite the credit score is 561-720. Remember, timely loan repayment can improve your credit scores too.

Important Note: We follow the soft credit check policy in which we may refer credit reference agency to know your credit score. However, we promise that it will not affect your scores, as we do this to frame an apt loan deal according to your capacity.

Experian Credit Score
Excellent (961-999)
Good (881-960)
Fair (721 – 880)
Poor (561 – 720)
Very Poor (0-560)


Yes, there is always an opportunity available for a debt consolidation loan with bad credit in the unsecured way. It means no collateral is required to pledge along with the loan application.

We do not need any collateral to grant you debt consolidation loan. We neither suggest you to use your savings because that must be accumulated for other purposes.

Therefore, we analyse loan approval for you on your recent monthly income and overall financial performance.

Again, the interest rates may be higher, but some direct lenders do offer competitive interest rates on these loans. Here, you will get the same, and the approval will be smooth to get the desired funds.

You might think that on what measures the loan approval comes. Here they are:

  • Borrowers’ Income

  • In general, the lenders prefer the annual income of up to £15000. If you have the same, then approval does come for you despite the less-than-perfect credit scores. You should know that here you can get approval on your part-time income too, but with less amount to borrow.

It means the lending doors are open for the unemployed people (who do not have a full-time job but earning part-time income) to get rid of their debts.


Merging the multiple debts is itself the significant advantage. Still, there are many more benefits ready to favour you in your financial life. These include:

1. Single Interest Rate: You may have to pay a higher interest rate due to poor credit ratings, but it is still far better than paying two to three or more interest rates. It can help you in balancing the monthly income and better management of personal finances.

2. One Monthly Instalment and One Payment Date: You only have to make single monthly instalment, which is quite manageable from your current earning. Moreover, you do not have to remember two to three dates rather one payment date is fixed for the repayment deduction. You can choose our automatic deduction option.

3. Clear Loan Tenures: One thing is for sure that you have a fixed loan term in your mind. You know how much the loan will stretch and that will make easier you for future financial planning. You can wait for your aspirations until the loan ends and keep your finances intact.

There is no doubt that debt consolidation loans have multiple benefits for bad credit people. However, as a borrower, you should know the risks as well. You should check whether the particular deal has an impact on your credit score or not due to hard credit check.
Therefore, Focus Loans always follow the soft credit check policy to benefit everyone irrespective of credit score.


We do need your details regarding your credit score, the list of pending debts, and contact info so that framing of loan deals would become more comfortable for us. At the same time, we do not share your personal details with any third party and keep the integrity of lending terms on a high note.

You can explore our website without any confusion and still if there is any confusion, our lending experts are there to assist you.

Focus Loans does not believe in fancy gimmicks. Instead, we have genuine loan deals very different in terms of features from other private lenders in the UK.

You can expect from us:

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