Loans for Bad Credit - Build Your Credit Score

A poor credit score undoubtedly makes it harder for you to borrow money. Thanks to online lenders that accept applications from bad credit borrowers too unlike traditional financial institutions.

Many people across the UK face the complications to get a loan signed off on due to a less-than-perfect credit score. This raises a lot of worries if you are borrowing money for emergency purposes. Here comes the role of short-term loans for bad credit.

Private lenders in the UK like FocusLoans offer these loans at competitive interest rates based on the financial condition of each borrower. You will get our best-personalised loan deals for an extended period to make monthly instalments more manageable.

If you stick to the repayment plan and pay down each instalment on time, we will report your payments' credit reference agencies that leads to a boost in your credit score.

Bad Credit Loans with instant decision will Solve Three Prime Purposes

Even though you have a less-than-perfect credit score, you have a chance to borrow money. The best part about bad credit loans with instant decision is you can improve your credit score that will help you qualify for deals that are exclusively meant for good credit borrowers. These loans can solve the following three prime purposes:

Our personalised loan deals can help you all these ways. Interest rates that we will charge will be favourable to your financial condition.

How Can I Get a Faster Approval If My Credit Score is Poor?

Although your credit report is not up to scratch, you can get a faster approval if you apply for a loan for bad credit with no guarantor with us. This is because we emphasise your affordability and repaying capacity than your credit rating. The faster approval is possible because instant decision is made.

Previous financial circumstances cannot be changed – what has happened has happened. This is why we emphasise your current financial condition. Here is how you can quickly get approval for bad credit loans:

Another reason for having these loans approved is these loans do not come with a financial obligation. They do not require you to arrange a guarantor and collateral, and they do not run a hard credit check and require minimal documents.

Who Can Apply for Bad Credit Loans?

We are not discriminating and therefore invite applications from all types of borrowers. We evaluate repaying capacity to ensure that we are not lending money more than your affordability. We accept applications from:

We accept applications from

Note: We are soft towards those with poor credit issues. Sometimes, situations are not favourable to handling the finances. Consequently, you have to sacrifice your credit score. With us, you have every chance to recover it. Only fill out an online form to submit an application for loans for bad credit.

Can I apply for loans for bad credit when I am on benefits?

You can lose your job anytime and unless you land a new job you may need additional money to fund unforeseen expenses. Bearing this fact in mind, FocusLoans provides loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits.

Since you do not have a stable income source, your benefits will be treated as your income. We will lend you money based on your repaying capacity. Apart from benefits, you can also consider other income sources like rent, dividend, and other government benefits.

Loans for bad credit with no guarantor come with no fees. It means you do not have to pay any additional fees. Unlike some lenders, FocusLoans do not charge hidden fees. We believe in maintaining 100% transparency.

As these loans are small, they require you to pay off within a short period. This is why these loans are ideal for funding one-off unexpected costs. Since they fund small emergencies, they are also known as payday loans for the unemployed.

Can I Get Loans for Bad Credit at Affordable APR?

APR varies from lender to lender because each lender charges different processing fees. It also depends on your current score, previous payment record and current financial condition. Each lender has the other way to judge your credit report, and this is why interest rates vary.

FocusLoans offers loans for bad credit at lower interest rates than other lenders because we charge no upfront fees. We strictly adhere to the norms of the direct lending industry. Our aim is not to profit by exploiting the needy but helping you tide over when you are in a tight spot.

We provide you with personalised deals that best suit your financial condition. We try our best to offer you money at competitive APRs to help you get out of the financial chaos.

A precise idea of what we offer and how we offer

We frequently face few doubts and questions from our applicants and thus find it necessary to tell a few things beforehand to help you take a confident and clear decision.

Our loan deal in precise points
How much can I borrow? £1000 to £10,000
What is the minimum and maximum tenure? 3 months – 36 months
What is your approval rate? 97%
How can I apply? Online through 100% paperless procedures
How do you take repayments? Send through online transaction on the due date

Can I Get a Bad Credit Loan without a Credit Check?

When you have a bad credit rating, you may fear about losing your credit score if a lender runs a credit check. Of course, you will not want to have your score further down when it is already less-than-fair. This is why we offer no credit check loans on instant approval decision. This saves your credit record from search footprint and facilitates a stress-free borrowing experience.

Focus Loans is resolute for its aim to assist you during financial needs and help in the upgrade of credit rating. Just let us help you with the desired loan deal you want from us. We are more than ready to provide you best ever deals on small loans for bad credit to bring you the lost control of your financial life.

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