What is a Bridging Loan?

Bridging loan is the short-term funding option and the alternative to traditional mortgage that satisfy the immediate needs of the huge amounts. Choose a suitable deal on bridging loans and fulfil the sudden requirement for funds while BUYING A PROPERTY. These loans usually span to 12 months and the interest rates are generally on the higher side.

Focus Loans offers you the most customised versions of the bridging loans in UK that are easy on your pockets and set up a junction where prosperity meets desires. The interest rates may be competitive or depend upon your financial circumstances.

Features of Short Term Bridging Loans

Applying for these short term bridging loans for property from us ensures that you will get the desired financial outcomes without worrying about too much of the obligations. Just go through the features of our loan deals:

1. People with Bad Credit Can Apply

We want to make funding accessible for every borrower. Your past mistakes cannot affect our decision to lend you in present. For us, your current financial status is more important to trust you for your credit worthiness. Refusing borrowers for things that happened in past, is against our customer-centric policies. To be precise, we are open for the bad credit borrowers with personalised offers and you can stay sure about getting the best deals on bridging loans for house purchase.

2. Funding with No Credit Check

We understand the fear of bad credit borrowers from the things like credit check. Every time you are rejected for a loan amount, it leaves a search footprint on your credit records. It increases the chances of transforming the bad credits into worst credit performance. We provide a safe escape from the bad effects of search footprints by using the advanced financial tools like 'no credit check'. The applicant can have a safer funding without fearing of degrading credit ratings. 'Bridging loans in the UK', it is a flourishing concept and people are not aware that they are equally adaptable to these financial tools.

3. No Upfront Fee

There is nothing like upfront fee, when it comes to ethical lending. We strongly disbelieve in the practices of taking extra pounds in any way. No deal on short term bridging loans carries the constraints of additional charges or extra fee.

4. Employment Status

Your employment status is not our concern. In fact, some of our deals on bridging loans are specifically designed that fund the borrowers with no obligation of having a regular income. Employed, self-employed, partly employed, unemployed, we lend money to all. Our deals are cheaper in rates and flexible in repayments. Unemployment is a temporary condition and we do not judge the dignity of our customers by the parameters of employment status.

How to Apply for Bridging Loans for House Purchase

At Focus Loans, our procedure for bridging loans for property is transparent as our strategies qualify every parameter of loyalty towards our customers. It is our culture to respect the hard-earned money of the borrowers and give them a better financial future.

Our sole aim is to deliver timely and speedy services that also consist of hassle-free, devoid of documentation and enhanced with speedy approvals. The following instant clicks will get you the funds you want in the simplest way.

Step 1

Submit application online

Step 2

Receive the approval

Step 3

Get funds in your account

Loan Calculator: Our upgraded financial tools help you in making confident and informed decision while finalising the appropriate deals on bridging loans in UK. With loan calculator, you can find out the bridging loan rates, your eligibility, and monthly instalments. It helps you in comparing your repayment capacity with the loan deal.

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