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  • July 21, 2022
  • Adrina Martinez

Having a tough time deciding the loan company you would like to apply to? Overcome this dilemma by performing a comparative study with some of the direct lenders of the UK. Don’t make a random pick, as it can turn out to be a disaster for your finances.

You have to review quite a few things. It will help you finalise the lender based on their best rates. However, there is no universal definition for what would suit you the best.

In short, you will have to take note of the attributes of different direct lenders in the UK to find something exclusive for your budget. Above all, it should be for the purpose, which is the vital parameter to make sure if you should borrow or not.

For example, you have past debts to resolve, but you are unable to arrange necessary finances with your personal sources. You must look for debt consolidation loans for bad credit UK. The main benefit of these loans is that your credit scores will not hinder this opportunity.

This blog can help you draw a comparison between different lending companies in the UK. Have a look at it.

How can you search for different lenders?

A list of loan companies that provide effective loan support to borrowers stuck is there. You can review them and select the most trusted loan company. You must do a complete analysis of every feature of these lenders before making any decision.


They are a responsible direct lender operating in the UK. They provide short-term loans to match the borrower's trivial financial needs. They follow a flexible lending policy that does not restrict bad creditors from getting through the approval process.


a) No need to pay any broker fees

b) Get a positive response from the lender without a guarantor

c) Pledging collateral is no compulsion with this lender

d) An online application is enough to send out a request for the loan

e) Attain bespoke loan offers that perfectly match your affordability

Loan amount

There are distinctive offers for novice borrowers and for those who have already borrowed. For the former ones, the disbursal amount can be up to £ 10000. For the latter ones, it should be up to £ 15000.

Referring to the individual loan company is the best way to assure how much you can actually borrow.

Repayment term

The repayment mode generally remains like weekly or monthly payment options. The diverse collection of loans available on this site lets you pay back between 3 to 36 months.

It is totally upon you to decide which option would fit best for you according to budget and repayment conditions.

Rate of interest

A tentative rate of interest that would start from 3.99% onwards will accompany the loan amount. So, be careful to select an amount that should not exceed your limit.

Customer gratification level

Based on the survey conducted by us to understand the response of the customers for these loan companies, we have discovered that FocusLoans got an 81% customer gratification level.


They are ready to help you out of their way. They are a perfect destination to look for a great financial companion when you are cash-strapped. You can think about getting non homeowner guarantor loans direct lenders in the UK.


a) Give out personalised offers to accommodate your needs

b) Offer round-the-clock assistance minus any time constraint

d) Need you to face only soft credit checks that are harmless

e) Enjoy a cut-throat pricing facility that matches everyone's budget

Loan amount

If you opt for a short-term personal loan, you are free to take out any amount up to £ 10000. The amount might drop a little if you belong to a very bad creditor category. We request you double-check with the lender for clarity on the amount you can actually withdraw as loans.

Repayment term

The time duration you can get for repayment can extend up to 7 years. Again, it depends on the amount you would borrow. So, paying back loans is going to be a flexible affair. It is because you can pay back in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly manner.

Rate of interest

With this loan company, you can expect the approximate lowest interest rate starting from 2.99%. You can take advantage of this facility if your financial limitations are on the higher side.

It would be better to compare interest rates before finally taking the plunge.

Customer gratification level

The survey results have shown that this loan company is able to garner an 83% customer experience level.


They are one of the top performing loan companies. You can count upon them to fetch assured loan help from the wide range of loan categories available as their services. You can opt for any category as per your necessities and financial capacity.


a) One-minute application procedure to reduce unnecessary delay

b) Receive speedy responses that don't extend to long waiting hours

c) Relaxation from upfront fees as they are direct lenders

d) No preference for perfect credit history

Loan amount

You have the liberty to choose any amount from within the range of £ 1000 to £ 50,000. Give top priority to your financial potential while finalizing the amount. It should also complement your current necessities.

Repayment term

The repayment term will fall between 1 to 5 years. You can reap the benefits of extensible repayment tenure. Select a term that is easily manageable for you.

Rate of interest

Interest rates play a well-defined role in ascertaining if loans are worthy of being obtained or not. When you are with this loan company, you will see interest rates going up from 3.95%. However, it may vary according to individual circumstances.  

Customer gratification level

The outcomes for this loan company are quite impressive. It has received 87% of customer satisfaction.


For on-the-spot loan support, you can rely on this loan company. They are a few clicks away from you. Their doorstep loan collections just ease up the process of loan selection. Do your math first before heading to opt for any of the loan options.


a) Doorstep delivery of loans after approval

b) Affordable offers to make loan acquisition possible for you

c) High loan acceptance chances

d) Less turnaround time to address your quest

Loan amount

You can select the loan amount from a range of £ 1000 to £ 5000. Be frugal to get that much amount of loan that is pocket friendly for you. Exceeding your own limit would mean getting in new trouble.

Repayment term

The term will be different for the loan categories available with them. But for your idea, we can let you know that it would range between 6 to 60 months.

Rate of interest

A tentative interest rate initiates from 3.97%. So, you can get rates as low as the mentioned figure.

Customer gratification level

Again our survey shows us that this loan company has obtained an 89% of customer satisfaction level.


This is your ultimate destination if you want to approach the most reliable loan company. With them, you don't have to worry about your unemployed status. Avail loans in a hassle-free way.


a) 96.5% of loan acceptance rate

b) Practical rates that coincide with your financial condition

c) Application accessible in an online format

d) Any source of income gets accepted

Loan amount

Here, you will get the opportunity to attain any amount that falls between £ 1000 and £ 15000. Choose according to your need and limit.

Repayment term

The repayment term can stretch from 6 months to 3 years. You can determine the duration once you select the loan amount.

Rate of interest

The lowest rate you can avail yourself of with this loan company is around 3.94%. Perform necessary calculations before applying.

Customer gratification level

This loan company has also garnered a good response from the customer that settling at around 88%.

The bottom line

Unplanned exigencies can create an uneasy situation for you. In such conditions, the only respite can be a suitable loan option. But you will have to go through different types of lending companies to get confused finally.

Every lender will present a great offer. But don't get too much swept up in the alluring offers. You might end up borrowing something that you cannot afford.

Examine every lender to understand how they operate and if they are offering loans without brokers. Don't overlook the price aspect that makes or breaks the deal!

Please remember that you must ascertain you can pay it back without any hitches when you borrow money. Skip borrowing if you have doubts regarding repaying capability. It is because this way, you will get involved in a problematic situation.

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