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  • December 16, 2020
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The UK is one of the vibrant economies of the world, and one of the levers driving this growth is the small and medium businesses operating here. There are a plethora of businesses in the UK who started small and made it big in the few years of their existence. This pandemic ruined many businesses, but the economy is slowly opening up, and businesses are going back to normalcy.

People are looking for new business ideas to start a new venture of their own. This blog will provide some of these business ideas.

There are direct lenders present online offering business start-up loans for bad credit borrower in the UK. These business loans are unsecured in nature, which means you would not have to pledge any asset as collateral against the loan.

Neither you would have to produce any guarantor to become eligible for these loans. These lenders give an instant decision on the approval or rejection on these loans, and the loan amount is transferred to borrower’s bank account on the same day it gets approved.

Here goes a list of some business ideas for entrepreneurs or working professionals who are looking to skip their 9-5 job.

  1. Online Fashion Business: You can plan to start your own online boutique or store to sell the latest merchandise, which is trending. If you yourself love fashion, then this might be a perfect business idea for you. People in the UK are always fond of shopping for apparels, and in this lockdown when they are not stepping out for shopping, your online fashion store can witness massive demand for orders. You can hire a fashion designer as well as attract more customers.
  2. Real Estate Consultancy: The UK has a lot of student population studying in different Universities who are always on a lookout for a house. Many professionals also flock to the UK and are in search of a residential property. Thus, the target audience is vast from families to bachelor crowd. You can also buy some properties and start giving it on rent to these students and working professionals. This market is highly underpenetrated when it comes to such real estate agencies and consultancy service. This can be your opportunity of making it big.
  3. Organic Food: People in the UK are facing specific health issues owing to their work and busy lifestyle. Thus, many of them are returning to their original roots in the likes of herbal and organic food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People from all walks of life. Every economic stratum is being observed for their increased interest in this type of food. Herbal food business can be a lucrative business opportunity in the UK as we enter this new decade.
  4. Interior Designing Business: If you are a creative person who likes decorating their house, then starting an interior designing business could prove to be an innovative business opportunity. You can also start this business with an online presence by providing advice over a video call to your clients with your expertise. The initial cost of setting this business can be managed by taking business and start-up loans offered by direct lenders.
  5. Medicine Delivery: There are online platforms for food delivery in the UK but not many such portals for delivery of medicines. People have been finding it hard to manage their health in this pandemic, and it is becoming difficult to visit a doctor. You can collaborate with doctors to provide online checkup and suggest medicines. You can as well start the delivery of medicines which is the need of the hour as we are entering in the second wave of this pandemic.
  6. Food Truck: No better way to satiate the tastebuds of foodies in the country by providing them with a gastronomic delight. If you are someone who loves cooking then invest in a truck, hire two more chefs and start this business. The advantage is you can drive this food truck anywhere in the country where the demand for your food is more. The word of mouth marketing is always an added advantage.
  7. Luxury Car Rental Service: Millennials are highly fond of luxury cars, and also people want them on a special occasion like Wedding and Valentines. This business can be highly lucrative, but the initial investment can be higher. You can charge a premium amount from your customers for these swanky and expensive cars. They will also be not reluctant to pay as they need it for a special occasion.  
  8. Pet Care Business: People love their pets, and they spend an enormous amount of money on their pet’s care from their grooming to nutritious diet. People are usually out for work or busy in other household chores. Thus they need a professional service to take care of their pets. It could be a pet sitting service, their grooming, and proper diet. The initial investment is also not high to setup this business.
  9. Supermarket or Grocery Business: This could be another great opportunity as usual grocery and essentials are daily needs. People will buy them, no matter what. To deal with this pandemic and maintain social distancing norms, you can offer a free home delivery option which will incentivize customers to buy from you. The initial investment can be higher, but it can be managed by applying for start-up business loans for bad credit offered by direct lenders.

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