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  • June 8, 2022
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The last few months of your college can be overwhelming as you are to find a job. Many graduates feel that they cannot land a good job as they do not have enough experience, and the experience gained from part-time jobs is not worth considering.

Being optimistic about finding a new job can be very challenging. You are absolutely new to the industry, so you do not have much idea about the type of work you are to do.

Further, you would be anxious about the salary you will be offered. It is crucial to have been offered the right amount of wages. Otherwise, you will not be able to cover all of your monthly expenses. This will result in reliance on loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees direct lender.

You will get minimum wages, but you should try to get sufficient monthly income, so your finances do not end up ruined down the line. Finding a job that fits your career goals is undoubtedly complicated, but it is not impossible either. This blog discusses some tips for getting a job that helps achieve career goals.

How to get a good job after you graduate

Since you have graduated, now is the time to get some experience using your current qualification. The experience you get on the job will increase the horizon of your knowledge, and this will help you pursue higher studies down the road, but before that, you should know the reasons why people struggle to find a job after graduation.

a) Not being prepared

Most of the college graduates start preparing for jobs after completing their studies. Finding internships, taking online courses and building networking are some of the crucial steps that can help you land a job quickly. As you will have an idea of what entrepreneurs are looking for, you will be able to show yourself capable of the job you have applied for.

b) Not being proactive

Not being proactive is also one of the reasons why you fail to land a good job. Lack of networking keeps you from reaching out to a potential employer. Online applying for jobs advertised on portals is a common mistake young graduates make. Various vacant seats are filled by word-of-mouth advertising. Having links with employers will help you be in the loop about vacancies they have in your company.

c) Not doing enough research

You must have no doubts and confusion about what kind of job you want to do. If you do not know which industry you want to join, you may not be able to land a job.

Instead of wasting time later, you should try to do research beforehand, so you know what kind of jobs you are suitable for based on your degree and skills.

Tips for getting the right job after graduation

Here are the tips to follow to land a new job after completing your graduation:

a) Gain some experience before you finish college

Before you start looking for a job, you should have some experience under your belt. Internships can come in handy. You can work under an employer for three to six months and get an internship certificate. This will prove to recruiters that you have got some work experience.

Adding internship experience will increase the worth of your resume. Try to research internships so your experience could help you land a job quickly.

b) Start building networking

You must have heard that networking is essential to find a good job. LinkedIn is the best platform to build networks with employers and recruiters. It will help you have the edge over other people who do not believe in networking. Most of the jobs are advertised to only people in the network.

These jobs may be more amazing than those you come across on job portals. Try to meet people and organisations and stay in touch with them through LinkedIn.

You do not need to just be in touch with companies and recruiters, but you should also try to stay in touch with your friends, family or co-workers. You never know who can approach you with a job proposal.

C) Research the job market

Explore different job fields, so you have a couple of options. Try to narrow down your job search. Look for possible prospects that fit your degree programme. Do research to know what salaries are offered, what the job market is, and what role you will be playing.

This will help you understand ways to improve the chances of your selection. While doing research, you should look for prospects with common skills. You will be able to personalise your resume accordingly. This job cannot be completed overnight.

It requires several months, and hence you need to be proactive. If you want to land a job right after completing college, you should start doing research right now. Start networking and start following up on jobs. You never know when you can come up with a good opportunity.

d) Attend career fairs

Many undergraduates do not like attending career fairs, but they can help connect you with future employers. Career fairs can help you know about job trends, what kind of skills employers are looking for, and the like. You will get the latest information about interview skills, so you can easily prepare yourself for interviews.

Attending career fairs can help you know tactics to land a new job quickly. You will also get to know how you can make an impressive resume that stands out, although you can hire a service of a professional resume writer. You can take out loans for unemployed in case you do not have enough money to pay for them.

E) Create a portfolio site

Creating a portfolio can help you get shortlisted quickly. You do not need to create an impressive website because your purpose is to manifest your excellent pieces of work, not the design of your website.

Share your portfolio along with your resume and a cover letter at the time of putting in the application as a recruiter must want to know why you think you fit this role. Having an impressive portfolio can help tell the answer. The purpose of creating a portfolio is to tell your story

F) Apply for a part-time job

Even though your part-time job is not in your field, it can help you build connections that can help you later at the time of finding a full-time job in your field.

Finding a part-time job will not only help you make some bucks, but it will also help you prove your capability to do the role you apply for down the road. Recruiters generally prefer hiring those who have gained some experience in a part-time job.

The bottom line

To land a good job after graduation can be difficult, but with the help of creativity, you can get a job quickly. Do proper research to know what kinds of jobs are available, what recruiters are looking for, and how you can set yourself apart from other candidates.

It is vital to have a part-time job as this experience will help get a new job down the line. Attend career fairs so you can get to know about the hiring trends and what tactics you can follow to get shortlisted soon.

Do not fight shy of consulting a counsellor for any help. You can take out a loan with a private lender in case of insufficient funds. However, try to avoid borrowing from private loan sharks London. Otherwise, you will end up paying outrageously higher interest rates. You will likely fall into debt. Therefore, be cautious while borrowing money.


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