Website Mistakes That You Should Avoid to Generate More Business
  • November 5, 2021
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Users need a split of a second to decide whether they should stay on your website or leave. You all know that you need a website to make an online presence. Users need a website to know about your business – what you do, who you are, what your mission and vision are, and how you are trying to make the lives of your users better and better every other day.

About 60% of people will try to find you on the internet before buying your products and services. Still, in case you do not have your own website, they will not bother to make a purchase.

However, having a website is not enough. It must be impressive enough, so your users spend a long time on it. Though it has to be user-friendly, do not forget that search engines are the first ones that will decide whether or not your website should be given a higher rank.

There are various things that search engines decide whether your website deserves to be given a ranking in top search results or not. Most of the time, you make an impressive website, but various mistakes hold you back from ranking in top search results.

Website mistakes that you should avoid generating more businesses

Here are some website mistakes that you should avoid if you want to generate more business:

The Page Title and Meta Description are too long

A page title is essential because it tells your users and search engines what the page is about. Search engines will cut off your page title if it is too long. Since search engines keep in mind the user experience while deciding the rank of your website, a concise page title will likely help you achieve your goal.

The page title should be under 70 characters so that the reader can see the full title. If the title is complete, they will get to know what it is all about and will likely click through. Use a headline analyser tool to check if you have drafted a concise page title.

If you get a score over 70, it is good. Likewise, it will be best if you are careful about Meta description. It will be cut off it is too long. Generally, it is not recommended more than 160 characters.

However, you must mention the crux of information you have mentioned on your web page. It should not be generic that it seems like a part of formality.

Ignoring reviews

You may not be aware of this fact, but more than 90% of users indeed read online reviews before making a purchase of a product. It is crucial to have reviews on your website if you want to generate more business.

A significant part of customer buying decisions relies on online customer reviews. No matter how excellently you have defined your products on the web page, people would like to know about the experience of other users.

Around 95% of users, according to a survey, reported that online reviews had influenced their decisions. Besides, a majority of them were adults between 18 and 34 age. With positive reviews, you will likely increase your business by 30%.

However, the other benefits include increased customer trust, improved customer experience, and a higher ranking in search engines. Note that people will dive into the internet to find information about your product.

There should not be negative information about your product anywhere on the internet, including social media platforms. According to Cone research, 4 out of 5 users have changed their minds about buying a product after finding negative information about the product on the internet.

Your website design is poorly designed and not mobile-friendly

Website design is essential; it must be user-friendly. Over 80% of users think that website should look better on a mobile device than a website on a desktop, and 50% of users say that they would hardly spend a second on a poorly designed website.

Make sure that the design is not traditional. Try to brainstorm some creative designs. Hire a designer if you do not have enough knowledge about it. In case you do not have enough money, you should take out borrowing options like private loans in the UK.

Ignoring content layout

Sometimes it is not the design that dissuades your users. It is the content layout. You have used big fonts, long paragraphs, the asymmetry between content and images, and the like.

Note that over 60% of users do not engage with unattractive content, or the layout is not perfect. It is just because you like big font does not mean that your users will also like it. Try to make sure that your whole website is user-friendly. You need to think from their perspective.

Your website leads to the bad experience

About 75% of users are unlikely to return to your business if they have a bad experience. A bad experience is a generic term. It does not just include dissatisfaction with your product or the incapacity of your customer relationship team.

Your website may also lead to a bad experience. For instance, they may have a problem navigating from one page to another. Your website may take a longer time to upload a page.

The call-to-action is not located at a convenient place, or they are not able to place an order without any hassle. In such cases, your users will definitely leave you in frustration and take a pledge never to come back to your website. This is why it is crucial to check all technicalities of your website.

The bottom line

Your website plays a crucial role in generating business. If you want to generate higher leads, you will have to ensure that your website is in good condition. You should always try to bear all these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them.

Always remember that your users are the ultimate assets to your business. Your business will grow if they are happy, and hence you should think from their perspective.

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