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  • May 17, 2022
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It’s difficult to write a film review.

At least, that’s what I thought it to be.

But then I realised, like other reviewers of the same niche, that writing a film review can be a slow process.

So it’s definitely not a task you can’t do.

I have been writing reviews for the past 6 years, and trust me, I have never signed up for this in the first place.

However, I realise now that I am making quite a good fortune out of it.

You can too!

Posting this blog, I really don’t want to state that I am making a huge difference in your life by trying to make you into a film reviewer.

But I might expect you all to take some points from this composition to better ‘feed’ that reviewer inside you all, for which you have clicked the link bearing this post.

Write a Film Review Just as You Imagined Doing It

Anything requires to need two factors: Knowledge and Experience.

Although you can ignore the latter for finding hard money lenders UK, you need to accept both for writing a film review.

So, if you want to make amazing reviews on films that people will actually consider important as a part of understanding the film, then it is time you give the following points a thought.

1 . Study the Background of the Film

No wonder people were waiting so desperately for The Batman, directed by the Matt Reeves version. Turns out that it is precisely what you wanted to be.

With a classic Neo-Noir air and all that ‘misty’ effect of thriller, which fans waited to see for years in order to ‘feel’ Batman: Detective Comics on the celluloid; director Matt Reeves brought to life the exact caped crusader experience and entertainment with Robert Pattinson being fully loyal to the role.

You see, what I wrote above is a piece of information you will relate more to if only you are aware of the background of Batman. You need to know about DC comics; you need to know about the previous film, the pop-culture effect of Batman and, of course, all the other films which saw the same character in the lead role.

In order to watch a film and be relevantly used to it, you need to study its background at first. Many films have a lot of symbols associated with the content beyond the film.

The next time you are watching a film, study it first.

2 . Watch It Repeatedly and Take Notes

Look, I used to watch movies repeatedly because I am a fan of action-thriller movies.

Frankly speaking, I loved rewatching the action scenes.

But, as a reviewer, I pay attention to each minute detail in the movie…even the food the actors eat or the number plate of cars or the trees on the side of roads and whatnot.

Yes, you might find this crazy. But sometimes, it is essential.

In Ant-Man, Thor’s teleportation marks in the field (while he and Loki were going back to Asgard, which is seen in the previous Avengers movie) are loosely seen from an overhead shot. Many people didn’t even notice it.

Filmmakers have their own purposes!

As a reviewer, you might find those purposes very useful.

So, take time to watch a movie. Enjoy it, but also note the points down. Rewatch it at least two to three times or more until you feel comfortable that you have gathered all the materials to COOK  a wonderful review of the film.

3 . Discuss the Plot…But Briefly

Remember our English teachers back in school told us many times that writing a review is not copying the storyline of the movie?

Of course, the story is essential for a film. You should tell the storyline in your review because many are going to read it without watching the movie. Some also do this just to know if the film is worth investing their time to go for a watch.

In a review, people want a meaty content. You provide them with that, and they will be happy.

4 . Note the Socio-cultural Influences

If you are a senior student of English literature, then you will know there is something called the literary theories, by which you can explain a book or writing.

For example, there is the post-modernist theory. Maybe there is the Marxist theory, which you can choose to interpret a novel.

Although these things are very much present in films, they still revolve around the department of Film Studies.

You don’t need to be that serious with socio-cultural theories for writing a review.

But sometimes, it does matter. You need to stay updated with everyday events and make your searches about what’s going on in the real world and if that makes a difference. 

For example, consider this quote from a website about the Jurassic World review written below:

“Jurassic World’s biggest flaw, a complete lack of relatable female characters, is only further underscored by a laughably unrealistic shot of our heroine running away from a dinosaur – in heels.”

You see that there is a need to tell these things to people because they are going to relate to them.

If you relate your payday to payday loans for unemployed direct lenders, then why cannot your audience relate themselves to the movies they watch?

5 . Find Your Voice

You are making a film review. It needs to be unique.

Maybe you know that already!

But I am not telling you to be unique only. I am also asking you to find your voice and be bold about your standpoint.

If you find something lovable about the film, then you can indeed say it to your readers. On the other hand, you can state what you didn’t like about the film.

When you are a film reviewer, you are definitely a person who knows a lot about films and movies. Thus, your words matter. People would read them because they would prefer reading them.

The fans of movies want everything from the film to your writing. It is your job to find out the good and the bad (and more…) of the film and give it to your audience.

Keep some style of your writing unique from others. Find a way and keep your writing to the best levels. However, do not shy away from saying the main thing.

6 . Proofread and Finalise Your Review

Sometimes, I rewrite your lines 10 times!

Because that is needed!

The real review of the piece starts from reviewing your own writing. You will notice that there are many things to correct and change in your composition. You can add new elements or quotes. There might be things you want to omit.

So, take your time and review your writing very earnestly. You can consider it a very personal document of yours with a film as its central topic. You can make also make it more personal with specific changes and in-depth analysis.

I have to tell you something more, though.

But, for that, we can go through the next point.

To Conclude

To be a good reviewer, you need to follow the examples of other giants in the same field.

You can follow these websites:

  • Rottentomatoes
  • IMDB
  • Roger Ebert

You can also find other reviewing websites. Just make your research.

You need to start your blog too. For that, you can buy a domain and make a website. You need some sort of minimal money for that. You can take the money out as bad credit loans no fees no guarantor no broker UK as these are personal loans which you can use for any cause without worrying about collateral.

Waiting to read your film review! And remember…make it like never before.

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