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  • November 23, 2020
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Unemployment has been the greatest problem for many centuries. Without employment, people cannot survive and not even buy themselves basics. A job can make a person capable of purchasing happiness not only for him but for his entire family.

Through the job, you can avoid every aspect of poverty, and it adorns your life with more honour. You become capable of speaking in an ethical conversation and can perform your best before the incorporate.

The unemployment is still showing its impact over the world economy, and this is the leading cause of this is ‘recession’ that affects every country’s financial conditions.

However, the country’s economy is leading towards the moderate part of superficial development, but unemployment causes much distress. We are witnessing for over the last some decades that youth unemployment is rising and its leading cause is a recession.

When there is a recession, the whole region has to face difficulty for everything and tolerate the load of extra expense for over a long period.

The government seems incapable of providing jobs in government departments and institutes maybe this is because of the inefficiency of government or growing population. In contrast, public sector employment has been rising comparatively faster than public sectors.

Through this blog, I am describing the reasons behind unemployment, promoting the idea to avoid it from personal means and explain the relevance of financial support from direct lenders like Focus Loans.

Youth unemployment

    • The unemployment among youth is broadening its dimensions and growing problems for UK employers, educators and evolving young people.
    • The issues with youth employment have been regulating since the year 2005 when a downfall raised in the economy and government failed to uproot its basic causes. However, persistent youth unemployment has been lodged for many decades.
    • Youngsters in their age need monetary support, whether from their parents, friends or colleagues, but the problem remains to all of them. In such cases, they are more inclined towards poorer conditions and also lose health.
    • The high level of youth unemployment has also caused many socio-economic liabilities. An unemployed cannot generate the asset and remain a liability for the government and government somehow make expenses on him by providing subsidies and many more subsidiary help.
    • The small startups are hiring young people for their business, and the young people manage their work along with their studies to take other positions, but due to lack of jobs, they have to leave their dreams and forced to pursue their existing low paid jobs.
    • There is no doubt that young people are usually hired for their passion for work and their strength to face the havoc of social generated issues. Some corporate demand experienced fellow to enter the job whether you have got chances for doing jobs or not. They all need just experience.
    • Still, many UK businesses are struggling to recruit new employees, and their lack of income does not allow them to proceed with this and often deny the growth.
    • As a mean to recruit some youngsters, there is again an issue of economic recoveries. The economic recoveries demand a high level of talent and skill, and most of the young people do not possess the same.

What are the causes of youth unemployment?

As already mentioned, that recession is the root cause of youth unemployment. The economy of a country bears the allegation to put youth into the web of jobless category.  The various other causes have been cited in many legitimate reports:

    • Lack of jobs- the government has failed to employ a large number of population, private sectors are working in this sector, but most of the work in the private sector is unorganised.
    • Gaps between education and unemployment- Sometimes high profile job’s seats remain vacant as they require high ranked people to access the job.This may include special task force, investigation team and other scientific and criminal experts. These jobs require an employee with high education.
    • Youth expectation- young people’s expectation for a particular job is generally meaningless.

They search the job that regulates according to their will. However, this does not happen in any nation.

Every individual has to perform as per the regulations of the job offered.

More problems have no solution if not handled intellectually.

Financial support

There are financial assistances for the people who are suffering the problematic time of unemployment and hardly get any chance for the job. There are direct lenders in the UK that provide loans for unemployed with a flexible and reasonable interest.


Unemployment is certainly a significant cause of multiple economic disorders. But with adopting many comprehensive solutions, this can be reduced entirely, such as ensuring career education, prioritising employability skills etc.

When we focus on their skills development at an early age, we can overcome the hostility of unemployment.

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