• December 8, 2021
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Whether you have an existing spectacle or not, when a person finds out some issues with his eyes, the only thing that comes to our minds is glasses. The usage of spectacles is for a better view and clear image of things in front of us since long spectacles used to serve this very common requirement of people.

But in today’s technologically advanced society, the usage of glasses have not limited to only improving the view. Instead, the usage has surpassed that traditional age-old utility. Nowadays, a spectacle not only remains a normal glass. Moreover, with the touch of advanced technology, the normal spectacle has now become smart specs.

One of the apex organisations which tops every year among all the other technically expert companies is Google. So, Google’s smart spec edition was first launched in the year 2020. After the launch of such a smart spec, it got a very good review.  So, let us know more about Google’s Smart Spec.

Features of Smart Spec

A gadget must have some drawbacks and also be full of benefits. It is ultimately a myth that every gadget only contains good points. However, before criticising it due to its lacking, let us know about the mesmerising features of this smart spec technology.

  • Audio visual gadget

With normal spec, we used to get a clear cut view. But with this smart spec, apart from clear visuals, we will also have clear audio. This glass has two inbuilt speakers with which one can easily hear, and even it offers the facility to connect the spec with the mobile phone. As a result, one can quickly receive calls and talk to the caller.

  • It contains CPU

Have you ever thought that a spectacle will contain Central Processing Unit? Well, the tech experts have gone so far with this gadget that even they have installed two micro-CPUs into this gadget. Such installation made it smarter than before.

  • There is a microphone

In the beginning, it is mentioned that one can quickly speak to the caller and hear his voice clearly. Now, it happened just because of the installation of the mic. The speaker is set in such a way that you need not hand it over or bring it down. Moreover, the mic installed is of very good quality, and for this reason, the caller can hear you clearly.

  • Curve shaped glass

Whenever you see the glass of the spec, it will look a bit different. Just to offer a 360-degree view, such curved glasses are installed. Curved glass is the speciality of Google’s edition.

Nowadays, other smart spec manufacturers offer holographic glasses that are even expensive. If you want to purchase smart spec but are unable to buy due to lack of money, then apply for no guarantor loan from direct lenders. These are short term loans easily available without any need of a guarantor.

  • The extra facility of camera

This is the age of clicking pictures. Even nowadays, the usage of the camera has become almost obsolete. Therefore, to fulfil the complete requirement of a spec, two micro cameras have been installed at the smart spec. It works like a vision of the spec.

Even if one can‘t read the entire paragraph at that time, he can easily record it by using that camera. On the other hand, more than 20-megapixel zoom in on that camera is a facility.

Limitations of Smart Spec technology

Perhaps after reading all those features, you may find this spec completely mesmerising. But, actually, this gadget also has some limitations. Before investing money in it, you must know its drawbacks also. These include,

  • A smart spec user needs training

Without proper training, a smart spec user can’t even operate a single option. It contains so many options and lots of tools that will come up in front of your eyes whenever you put on that spec. So, it would be best if you learn first how to operate the spec. Moreover, it is very difficult to use.

  • One can dissolve within imaginary land

Due to the huge usage of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), almost every device are made on the basis of these two viewpoints. The smart spec also does not fall apart from AR and VR view quality. For this reason, if you are in either AR or VR mode for a long time, then your psychic development may become completely defective. You can hardly return from such an imaginary world.

  • It creates safety issues

Great Britain has already banned the usage of smart spec after analysing the safety issue. While putting on this glass, one can go into Virtual reality, so it is not at all safe during driving. According to a road safety survey, this type of smart glass has been proven to be dangerous and distracting.

  • Security issue with data

This is true that you can easily transmit data through the smart glass. But it is also true that the technology has not become so advanced that it can easily protect the data. As a result, if you keep confidential data within that gadget, there is a high chance of theft.

So, these are some significant drawbacks of this smart spec technology. Only after considering them, you can buy a smart spec.

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