• April 15, 2021
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Certainly, rejection is not something that you look forward to while applying for a personal loan. However, unfortunately, the finance industry, including the flexible FinTech solutions, work on a rational approach. For the well-being of the borrowers, a lender can never offer you a loan that is not affordable for you. But at the same time, you need to understand that a rejection is not the end of the world, and the new chances are sure to come after some time.

Some ways can help

Here are some of the things you should do after getting a rejection from the lender because, for sure, your second chance is not far. The need is to follow a logical approach and keep some patience.


It is obvious to feel anxious about rejection because very few people expect that. In fact, even if someone knows that his chances are weak, ‘rejection’ is not something that one wants to see.

Mainly after getting a ‘NO’ from the lender, people get restless and start applying to many lenders to get the loan somehow. But this is their ignorance about the impact of multiple applications on their financial records.

Applying to many lenders invite multiple search footprints on the credit records. It makes you look credit hungry, and even if you had any chances, these footprints spoil the game. The better approach is to wait for some time, maybe for a week or two, and then apply for the funds. It helps create a breathing period and show that the applicant is not dying to get the money. It means that he is not in a deadly money crisis because such a hint also creates doubt on the repaying capacity of the applicant.

Several lenders accept the applicants even after rejection but the conditions that they should not have the marks of multiple credit score perusals. Wait for some time because even if you are in a hurry to get funds, it is useless to send multiple applications. However, after rejection, you can choose any one lender that sounds most promising.

Work on the reason for the rejection

The best way to gain hope again is to work on the reason for the rejection because there is no other choice. The direct loan lenders typically practice a friendly approach and tell you the reason for the rejection. You can also confirm it from customer care with the help of the records available with the company. It is a better way to work on the exact reason that caused the rejection.

Maybe the lender is not convinced with the income-outgoing ratio, which is 60:40. 60% income and 40% expenses are the minimum idol limit. If not this, then maybe it is about the consistent missed payment issue because otherwise, the lenders approve funds to the poor credit people nowadays. If not this, maybe the employment stability is a concern because you frequently changed the job.

Whatever is the reason, once you identify the actual reason, work on it immediately. It is the only way to get through the application procedure and get approval from the other lender. Faster work on the relatable reasons will offer a faster solution, and the funds can come to you with a much higher speed. The finance industry always appreciates people with a positive intention to improve their financial flaws.

Add an extra income source

A personal loan is a short-term loan for which you do not need a huge monthly income or any guarantor or collateral. However, because you received a rejection, it can be beneficial to work on some stereotypical reasons people try to get approval. Usually, when an applicant fails to get funds, he makes efforts to show an extra income to get easy approval.

The factor of extra income always works effectively in all types of loans. Whether it is about a small personal loan or a big amount mortgage, lenders always want to see good income or multiple income sources. Just like you feel insecure about the result of a loan application, the lenders also feel insecure. They are afraid of missed payments because it is a direct loss to them.

With the help of additional income from any authentic source, you can calm down the anxiety of the finance company. Make sure that you show the income that is regular and from a reliable source. For example – rental income, side hustle business income, part-time job etc., anything that is easy to prove with work. With adequate income, you can show confidence on the part of repaying capacity because this is what a lender wants to see at the end.

The above tips and suggestions are applicable because they relate to the practical circumstances of the borrowers. Most of the applicants follow these ways after the rejection. Personal loans are significant for us, they can be small in size, but they are desirable more than other loans because we need them now and then. Apply these ways and all the best for your next application after rejection.

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