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  • December 15, 2022
  • Adrina Martinez

Renting with an insufficient credit score could be daunting. Every landlord ensures to rent the property with clear objectives that they ensure with the tenant’s credit history.

Credit stats provided by credit agencies help landlords have a detailed peep into the financial management of a tenant. It helps them predict whether you can pay the rent or time or not.

What Do Lenders Check Before Renting on bad credit?

Lenders analyse bankruptcy, CCJ, loan defaults, or IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement) against you and decides right. In such situations, they prefer tenants to have their names on the electoral roll listing. And also whether your finances- Income and other debts support the same.

These are one of the reliability factors that may help you secure the opportunity.

If they find any negative, they may deny or impose other conditions like a co-signer or deposit to qualify for the rental.

How To Get a Home on Rent with Compromising Credit?

Moreover, securing a rental with no credit history and no fault could be difficult. These are generally undergraduates or freshly employed individuals figuring out ways to cover expenses independently until salary credit and everything in between.

For this, they explore different tenant loans like no guarantor loans and instant-no-obligation loans available in the UK marketplace on bad credit. Direct lenders analyse and provide the best per the person’s financial circumstances to fund the minimal.

In this, how to rent a home on bad credit?

While this may be one aspect for covering up costs, you must provide sufficient proof of maintaining rental payments unobstructed. It is one of the ways to bridge the gap between you and the rental space. The blog states some ways to grab the keys to the property you call your home.

1) Call in a guarantor

While applying for rental as an undergraduate with little income and finances, involving someone sharing good credit and employment history can help. Lenders check out Identity proof, references from previous landlords, address proof (other), and job stability and income before renting out. If you lack these, calling in a guarantor or someone with whom you share a strong bond can be beneficial. While some lenders may ask for one, you can also look for independent options.

Check out  tenant loans from  direct lenders possibilities. It can help you consolidate existing loans (if any) and use the released funds to pay for deposits. However, you would have to ensure some savings as these are short-term emergency facilities that lenders provide to individuals in situations like these. Things become more manageable when you have limited obligations.

2) Consider a shared property to rent

If you are currently experiencing financial and credit setbacks, check other alternatives. One could be entering into a shared property. It is ideal for unmarried individuals like students. It is a great way to split rent and grab a much more lenient rental agreement.  

For this, you must tap into specific landlords dealing in the same. You could spot websites where in single person looks to move in with others. It would be the best fetch given the situation.

However, you must ensure the other person’s authenticity while sharing an apartment. Ensure complete knowledge about the person from the landlord to safeguard your finances and personal interest.

3) Provide a previous landlord reference

When situations do not seem to favour you, you must explore the gaps in-between to take the ball in your court. One way to do so is to contact your previous lender and ask him to help you get a suitable rental. 

Call in your previous landlord if the present landlord is sceptical about lending to you owing to a bad credit profile and income constraints. If you share positive and cordial relations with your previous landlord, you may convince the existing one. Here are some questions that the new lender may ask the old one regarding you:

  • Did you pay the rent timely?
  • Did you look after the property when and the last days before leaving?
  • How often did you engage in strife with him regarding rental raises?
  • Would you be problematic to deal with for a long-time? 
  • Did the previous lender receive constant complaints from neighbours? 

If he receives satisfactory answers, he may consider you as a renter. Also, provide the deposit percentage you received while leaving the previous premises. It may help you get a new one quickly.

4) Pay more upfront

Given the grim financial situation, you may need more cash upfront to secure the deal. If you could tap your guardians or someone close for cash help, it may help you move in. However, if you are a student or tenant living internationally, finding someone to back up your finances at bad and no credit could be tasking. In this situation, you may rely on a facility that helps you get the cash per the circumstances. 

You may qualify for bad credit loans on instant decision with no brokers to bridge the amount required. Having a side gig to cover the maximum amount is always ideal. It also helps qualify for a flexible amount at better interest rates. Although with broker intervention on, you may save yourself 40% of the extra fees- that may emerge in the form of broker fees or while changing brokers. 

5) Wait and optimise your credit profile

If you are still planning things for your oversea stay on rent, wait or check out your relatives to stay for a while. Meanwhile, you must work on your credit by applying for personal loans for your emergency services.

1. Check the pending debts (if any),

2. get CCJs (if they do not exist anymore/ paid ones)

3. Avoid placing for any mortgage account

4. Maintain payments on high-interest debts like student debts

Bottom line

You can check these tips while seeking answers to- how to rent a home on bad credit. Or you must explore options that provide no credit check rentals. It must be a reputable apartment. Choose tips to help you make a good impression on the other landlord and grab a rental deal peacefully.

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