• October 8, 2021
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Bad credit is an annoying situation, and the whole world is aware of its destructive powers. If not tackled on time, it can spoil your finances COMPLETLY.  When it is already a big task to manage finances with a bad credit score tag, then taking a loan with this situation is a big task.

All across the globe, poor credit situation is a big financial problem, and there are ways to overcome this situation. With proper self-discipline and smarter money management, one can quickly get things done. Yes, it sounds like a big challenge to get a bad credit loan. However, it is undoubtedly not a herculean task.

Bad credit loans are not impossible

Yes, before you apply for a bad credit loan, it is vital to understand that these loans are not impossible. Many people still think that they always have to bear rejection due to poor credit ratings. But now, things have changed, and with direct lending, people have flexible borrowing options. Today, even if a person living on benefits and need a loan today by direct lender with bad credit, he can do that on a basic repaying capacity.

Now here are some suggestions to work on the ways to get approval on poor credit loans -

Need to prove that you can repay the instalments

Despite your low credit score, lenders may give you a loan if your earnings have been in growth. Hence, if you can convince the lender that your earnings have increased, there are high chances of them offering you a loan. The latest repaying capacity is the most critical thing, mainly if you have applied to a direct lender. It is really impossible to be able to get approval without the capacity to pay the loan.

For long-term loans provide higher value collateral

Giving collateral increases your chances of safeguarding a loan as the risk associated with lending to you becomes less. If the collateral value is higher than the loan amount, it can clearly compensate for your weakness of a poor payment record. Lenders feel confident to give you a loan as in the case of defaults. They can quickly auction the collateral to recover the loss in the loan pending amount. It is a good idea to have collateral. It helps to increase the chance of a loan. The lender gets more confidence.  

Show your history as a guarantor in the past

If you ever acted as a guarantor for anyone in your family, then do not forget to show it to the lender. It is sure to leave a good impression on your financial conditions. It means a poor credit score due to missed repayments happened just because of a particular situation. You do not have the habit of acting irresponsibly in personal finances. However, here it is essential to understand that currently, you should not be a guarantor. That can adversely affect your approval chances.

Apply with a financially strong co-applicant

It is again about the big loans such as a mortgage, heavy machine loans in business etc. When you go for a loan with a creditworthy co-applicant with a good credit score, your eligibility to secure a loan gets enhanced. Therefore, applying with a co-applicant is good when you have a low credit score and wish to mitigate a bad credit loan. A strong co-applicant with a spotless credit history can thoroughly increase your chances of approval.

Take help from a financial consultant

Any finance professional with a specialisation in poor credit financial solutions can give the best ideas on how to tackle the situation. He/she can tell the right way to apply for a bad credit loan and what measure to take in personal financial life to improve your approval chances. For example – it is a common suggestion that a person with a poor credit score should never apply to many lenders at the same time. It can always cause the lenders to reject the application due to multiple search footprints.

Do not change your job frequently

The factor of employment stability is very important for any applicant. It becomes even more critical in the case of poor credit people. If you keep changing your job and have no career stability, you may get rejected as a poor credit person. Find a good job and stay in it for a long time because that creates a good impression in the mind of the lender.


Financial emergencies come in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps your car breaks down, and the repairs you need to get it back on the road are expensive. Other financial emergencies could stem from a job loss, an illness, a funeral, or any number of unexpected circumstances. If you face one of these situations without enough savings to get through it, you need to borrow money in a hurry. It is required to get an emergency loan. With the help of the above tips, you can do that despite a poor credit score.

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