• November 1, 2022
  • Adrina Martinez

The country's current economy calls for financial aid that eliminates any hassle of securing quick and easy funds. No guarantor loans with bad credit are one such solution.

 In an economy where finances are falling owing to rising living costs and limited income, individuals look for an additional outside source to free themselves from liability. It especially becomes critical when expenses exceed income.

What if your chimney breaks down in winter?

What if you lack extra cash currently owing to higher living costs? 

Would you knock on the neighbors’ door in icy winters? 

No, it is hardly feasible in situations like that.

Having cold chimneys when all you need is the warmth of the woods is unfortunate. Get fast and same-day cash assistance if you need quick cash to fix the thing.


“Get Very Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor and Broker”- For Real?

The phrase” very bad credit money loans with no guarantor and no broker from a direct lender” may sound something out of the advertisement perspective. But the truth is different. The lenders provide these to individuals having low credit scores who lack a third person to guarantee the loan.

One can borrow one without engaging with a broker. Individuals with an unappreciative credit score often struggle to find a guarantor to qualify for a loan.

Private direct lenders for bad credit understand such temporary issues and provide funds without one quickly. To qualify for these loans, one must ensure a handsome income proof. It is the only proof that one needs to qualify for the loan.

 As a short-term loan, it eliminates any requirement for collateral or an asset.  Skip another hurdle to get the needed cash assistance at the time-sensitive moment and contact us. You could get up to £5000 for 12-36 months.  Yes, you can pay the loan before the period too.

Who can apply for a bad credit loan with no guarantor?

Any employed, retiree, single mother, tenant, or landlord can apply for the loan under the following conditions:

  • If you are a UK resident of 18+
  • If you hold a verified identity proof of the same
  • If you possess an authentic income proof
  • Can afford the repayments on loan with consistent payments
  • Recent credit history is satisfactory

Can unemployed individuals get no guarantor loan on benefits?

It is one of the most common queries that an unemployed might share. You can apply for a loan if you are facing a constant financial struggle with inconsistent income and job allowance benefits.

In this category, any student, unemployed tenant, single mother out of a job, individual who lost a career out of company loss, pandemic, or leveraging unemployment benefits may apply.  

The lender here addresses your urgent money concerns basing income from benefits as the mode of payment.

However, to qualify for a lower interest rate, you can provide any other additional proof of income. It could be in the form of income from self-employment, dividends, pension, etc.

The more you can prove the loan affordability, the better your chances of qualifying for the loan.

We understand that ensuring monthly or weekly payments as unemployment and having no guarantor could be stressful. We instead provide the facility of splitting costs throughout the months and entering into a personalized agreement with us.

If you have been searching for private lenders for bad credit in the UK, your search completes with us. You could reduce repayment costs and meet urgent requirements without worrying about spreading payments.

Direct Lender Vs. Broker: Who provides affordable, no guarantor, and one very bad credit?

 Both brokers and direct lenders operate differently. Suppose you need a solution to very bad credit loans with no guarantor. And you may get cash seamlessly with no broker from a direct lender. Read the following:

BrokersVery bad credit and no guarantor loans direct lenders
Brokers act as a bridge or the mediator between a direct lender and the borrowerIn this, the person needing a loan directly contacts the direct lender.
The broker discusses your requirement with the direct lenders and helps you get the cashHere the individual can get the loan by discussing the requirement directly with the lender
They take a fee for their service. It is generally a costlier alternative to direct lender loansDirect lenders like focus loans do not take any additional fees for clearing doubts
Brokers may find it hard to negotiate in case of bad credit or very bad credit scores.Direct lenders analyze the recent credit profile, income, and other assets and provide a suitable repayment agreement that is easy on budget and income.
The process is quite slow as the broker searches for the apt direct lender for the situation.A direct lender is a right person to contact when you need funds within 15 minutes, and no guarantor.   With minimum documentation and no guarantor/ third person on the loan, the borrower may benefit from meeting the requirement in the shortest time frame.
Brokers may not help if you encounter issues paying your repayments.You can always reach out to Focus loans for any repayment or interest rate-related issues for a quick solution.
Often leaves one guessing the net process on the tableWe, as direct lenders, help avoid any confusion with a simple and clear pathway to easy and affordable no-guarantor loans.

So, now you know why you must run to us in any emergency cash situation. We do not judge any financial circumstances; instead, we ensure flexible terms for you to qualify easily.

How to apply for a very bad credit loan with no guarantor with Focus Loans?

As mentioned above, the most significant advantage of these loans is anyone can apply for them and get quick cash. It eliminates any complicated documentation or collateral process. Here is how the loan sanction works at Focus loans:

Step 1- Apply with personal details

Identify the cash requirement based the income and other possibilities before applying for the loan. After deciding on the loan amount, apply with personal details online. It is a 2 minutes process.

Step 2- Lenders analyze the requirement

Soon after filing and seeing the loan request, the lenders analyze the borrower's requirements and affordability as per the amount requested. If you meet the criteria, you may receive a loan confirmation email.

Step 3- Send your approval and get funds

Once you approve the loan terms and conditions, you will receive the amount requested within 10 minutes in the account.

Bottom line

It is how you can get a minimal amount to pay for your payments without waiting any further. You can get the loans seamlessly at the portal. If you have bad credit and wish to improve it, contact us.

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