How can you boost your loan approval chances and be in the good books?
  • November 17, 2021
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If you want to buy a home, you don’t want anything to go wrong. You cannot jeopardize your chances of acquiring that home.

Many people buy homes without looking out for a mortgage. But if you need a good house, you can look up for mortgage options to get a loan. But if you borrow a loan, there are many factors to be considered before applying.

The perfect financial situation

People make many errors while borrowing alone and create their chances nil of getting that amount.

Try to avoid these errors in order to boost the chances of mortgage application approval. You can also seek expert advice and apply for your mortgage.

Mortgage approval ways

Do not stack up debts

Many people keep on taking debts and do not worry about paying them back. This is a very common mistake that you can ever make. Do not keep racking up your debts and applying for them. Applying for continuous mortgages does not make sense.

Your debt to income ratio is calculated while checking on your loan. You have to compare how much money you can make compared to how much money you can pay back debts.

There is a certain threshold that you should follow while borrowing a loan. Lenders also consider a borrower risky if the debt to income ratio is too high.

Always look out for small business loans to meet your financial conditions. These loans are easy to borrow and easy to pay back.

Do not forget to check on your credit score

Your credit score is very important while borrowing a loan. Every lender checks the credit score of the borrower and then only approves it.

You are totally responsible for your credit score and can increase or decrease. If you take up too many loans and do not pay them, you can decrease your credit score.

Vice versa, if you make your payments on time and within the required tenure, you can increase your credit score. Before applying for a loan, always look out for your credit score and then apply accordingly.

You have to fill up an application form that requires your credit score to be mentioned on it. The credit score is a crucial factor that lenders consider. Hence, always try to increase your credit score.

Do not engage in activities that will reduce your credit score as it can potentially hurt your borrowing.

Do not switch your jobs during the loan process

Being ambitious is good for your career. But there are some crucial mistakes that you should avoid if you want to borrow a loan. Do not switch your jobs regularly. You should have a stable income while applying for a mortgage.

Lenders also check your income and the income sources for your loan approval. It is important to check your payback capacity. If you keep on switching jobs, this does not show stability in your career and can lead to a question mark on your loan approval.

The lender should be assured that you can pay back their loans. For this, you need to show a stable income that you are bringing home every month.

Do not make a major purchase

If you are applying for a loan and simultaneously buying something major, it can lead to your loan rejection. To buy a car or a house, you should have sufficient money to make the down payment, closing costs and insurance.

Do not get into making a major purchase. As if you have made a major purchase, it can make you laugh about your finances. This will eventually make you unable to pay the loan amount in future and can increase your debt to credit ratio.

Marrying Someone With Bad Credit

If you are marrying someone, it is important to check their background. Nowadays, it is also important to check their credit score as well. If you are applying for a loan and have a good credit score, you have increased chances of loan approval.

But marrying someone having a battery score can reduce your credit score 2. This can be one of the factors of your loan rejection. The lenders consider this factor in your financial history.

Many money lenders focus on this aspect in the UK and conclude your loan status based on this. If you are marrying someone with a not-so-good credit score, you can rework the credit score and help them improve it.

Before applying for a loan, work on their credit score and make it good to make your loan approval easy.


If you are looking out to buy a home with a mortgage, you should avoid indulging in activities that can lower your credit score. If your credit score is high, there is an increased probability of your loan approval and vice versa.

Be careful of your actions focus on what works best for you. You can also seek professional assistance and work on your credit score.

Hiring a financial advisor will give you the right advice and take care of your other financial aspects. You can easily reach your goals and keep your finances intact.

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