• August 13, 2021
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In the medical field, we generally listen that precaution is better than cure. Can it be applied to your financial life too? Is it an exaggerated statement or a reality?

It is reality, and we are going to prove this in this blog. In fact, it is generally applicable for people with bad credit scores. These individuals have a poor record of maintaining their credit scores because they have not been taking precautions to pay all the bills.

They use credit cards repeatedly but are careless about paying their bills on time. However, there is not always your fault. Some circumstances do happen that makes your credit score bad.

For instance, you lost the job all of a sudden, or there is a medical emergency. With limited income, you cannot handle such unexpected expenses. In such scenarios, your credit score feels an effect, and it goes to the bad credit category.

It is another thing that the UK marketplace does offer borrowing options for people with a less-than-perfect credit score. For instance, loans for bad credit with no guarantor are available on benefits that matter to you.

Applying for these loans is a good option, but it would be better if you make efforts in preventing your credit score from becoming bad.

Why is Precaution Necessary to Prevent Bad Credit?

Having a poor credit score is like a blot on your financial record. You should know that it will reduce your chances of availing of a loan, especially from conventional lenders.

Why are you curing bad credit later when you can take precautions early? This is the question that everyone should have an answer to. Pay your bills on time, put extra care to your expenses and keep an eye on more income opportunities.

Precaution is very much necessary to prevent bad credit because it remains the doors open for borrowing funds. Any lender can borrow funds if your efforts are reasonable, and you can achieve at least a borderline credit score. It means people with improved credit ratings can quickly get funding assistance from any lending institution.

In the given below part of our blog, we will discuss different ways to procure your credit score to avoid later care.

How to take Precautions on Bad Credit to Reduce Chances of Curing it later?

You should be careful enough when your credit profile has the tag of poor credit. Lenders will not prefer you and may reject your loan application. It is because you have lost your financial credibility.

If you are still careless, then this blog is not for you. For those who really want to know how to prevent bad credit, we are ready to help them by suggesting the following ways.

1.   Concentrate more on Savings

Savings is the most significant tool to avoid bad credit. Yes, it is correct. Whatever the income you can earn, you should keep some savings to be ready for the future.

If your bank account has enough savings, it can help manage emergency expenses, as we have mentioned above. The loan options are there to help you but applying for loans all the time is not a good habit.

You should be responsible enough in saving some amount from your income.

For example, you are earning £1000 per month from your full-time income. It is indeed a good income, and this amount is enough to save some money from it. You can keep at least £100 as savings in your bank account.

2.   Keep expenses on the manageable side

Another way to avoid credit scores to go bad is by manipulating your expenses. Your boss decides your monthly income, but your family expenses are in your hand.

If you have too many necessary expenses, you should avoid specific desires to keep up the balance. Your willingness to purchase a car can take a rest if you cannot pay the university fees of your kids. You can avoid buying a gadget if your home needs a particular renovation.

We are discussing these things here because you tend to make these purchases by using credit cards. You use the cards but later struggle to pay the credit cards bills on time. Thus, no or late payment of credit card bills add a negative impact to your credit profile. As a result, you get a bad credit score.

3.   Make the least use of credit cards

Around 80% of Britons have credits score problems because of their excessive use of credit cards. It was the finding of a study done early in this year.

There is no harm in using a credit card when you do not have enough savings. You need to understand the difference between using the cards when you have to, not when you just want it.

It means when you are in extreme need of funds, you can use the cards, but most times, try to avoid this practice.


A bad credit score often closes the lending doors. You struggle to get approval from the mainstream lenders. However, direct lenders like FocusLoans are always ready to help you in this challenging scenario. As mentioned above, they can offer loans for bad credit with no guarantor needed.

These loans are like a second chance. At the first chance, you need to take precautions in avoiding the credit score to come into the bad category. For curing it, you have the loan option.

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