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  • May 17, 2022
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Unemployment tests the patience and the flexibility one can exercise over finances. Lacking a regular income source proves problematic when one needs to bridge urgent expenses like paying tuition fees, bills, marriage expenses, etc. The whole thing becomes worse with nil savings.

It is advisable by experts that one should save into an emergency fund for at least 6 months. Life is unpredictable. In the pandemic-like situation and recession in the UK, earning a desirable income seems almost impossible. Having an emergency fund could have easily met urgent medical or legal expenses. It can also help secure your future.

If you have been undergoing such a stiff phase post unemployment, you must be searching for fast no credit check loans for unemployed.  

Lenders conduct a few credit checks before granting the loan. Mainstream lenders majorly focus on individuals having a good credit score. Having a bad credit score can slash off some loan options from your list. 

But that doesn’t imply elimination in the lender’s eye. Some lenders provide loans for unemployed individuals. 

How do unemployed individuals get a loan?

In an unemployed situation, getting a small-term offering like unsecured tenant loans is easier than securing a long-term credit. If you need a short-term loan to meet your grave challenges and needs, you can get it with minimal hassle.

Unsecured loans do not require any asset as security over the loan. If you have a promising credit score, you can get a loan easily. If you need a loan in unfavourable circumstances like a job loss, paying off certain liabilities on your credit report is ideal. The recent financial behaviour may help you secure an easy loan from the lender. Check whether you are registered on an electoral roll. If not, it is ideal getting it done before seeking a loan.

Whenever you apply for unemployed loans with a direct lender, you will see the minimum income requirement to get the loan. All loan providers require an individual loan have income proof. Generally, the minimum requirement to get a loan is £5000.

Lenders here prioritise the credit management and potential of the person to grant the loan. But in this case, the borrower needs to ensure a guarantor if one lacks a credit score. A guarantor, a close one, helps seal the loan by proving the ability to maintain regular payments if the borrower fails.

Apart from having a guarantor, the unemployed beings could prove their affordability by revealing the following as an income proof:

  • Benefits for unemployed
  • Spouse’s income
  • Income from dividends
  • Part-time income proof
  • Income from a retirement fund
  • Getting collateral on the loan
  • Home Equity

What Loans can an unemployed apply for?

In addition to having a guarantor, you can also apply for a loan without one. Here are some popular loan options that an unemployed can apply for:

1) Home equity loans

If you are the homeowner, you can leverage the equity in your home for important expenses. Qualifying for home equity without a job can be troublesome. If you lose on making payments, you may lose the portion to the lender. It could further lead to foreclosure.  

In the absence of a regular income source, you can reveal any of the above-mentioned income proof to get the loan. Whether you are unemployed by circumstances or by choice, lenders need concrete repayment proof before lending you the sum.

 Responsible lenders do everything to ensure you never lose on your pricey asset. If you need loans no guarantor no broker, this loan may help you get the needed funds. You do not need a guarantor if you put up your home as equity.

2) Secured loans

Getting a large amount without a regular income source and bad credit is impossible. If you have an urgent need for a massive amount, go for secured loans.

Lenders may get flexible lending if you provide precious assets like a car, house, etc. While it may be easy to get the loan, non-repayment may lead to repossession. Think twice before taking a secured loan. Calculate whether you can make repayments or not.

3) Personal loans

Personal loans can be used for anything. They can be rationalized for short- or long-term use. Some lenders offer these loans on unemployed benefits. However, unlike individuals with a consistent job, unemployed individuals may receive loans with high-interest rates.  It increases the risk of defaulting on the loan. Ensure a part income source before applying for the loan.

4)Budgeting loans

A budgeting loan is ideal for unemployed individuals to pay for essentials. It can help you pay rent, household equipment, footwear, maintenance cost, improvement costs, essential travelling expenses, and maternity or funeral expenses. Before applying for a budgeting advance, check grants you do not have to repay. Some of these include:

  • Local Welfare Assistance
  • Funeral payment
  • Maternity grant
  • charitable grant
  • Flexible support scheme funding

People in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can check out these loans for help.

5) No credit check loans

Some lenders provide fast no credit check loans for unemployed with minimal or no credit check. These loans are ideal for someone lacking a credit score or having a bad credit score and unemployment. However, these loans may prove a costly alternative.

These are some popular loan types that unemployed individuals can qualify for.

What Are Some Loans That the Unemployed Should Completely Avoid?

Here are some loans that an unemployed individual should completely avoid.

1) Doorstep loans

If you need urgent cash to bridge a payment gap, you can apply for doorstep loans. One can borrow regardless of the credit score or income proof. You can borrow up to £1000 for any purpose. In this, one can apply even without a bank account. It is ideal for retired and old individuals sharing mobility issues.

The representative provides cash on doors evaluating the requirement. These loans are short-term loans. As a short-term borrowing, these loans can be expensive. Before applying for the loan, analyse whether or not you can make the repayments. Due to high-interest rates, these loans can prove troublesome for someone lacking an income source.

2) Payday Loans

Payday loans are offerings basically for individuals living from paycheck to paycheck. If you have collapsed all your income and need immediate cash, a payday loan fills the gap. These loans are generally short term with a repayment period of 4-6weeks.

One can apply for loans even if you have a bad credit score or no credit score. To qualify for these loans, you need to provide tangible income proof. It is like unsecured tenant loans, where you need credible finances to support your loan statement. 

If you do not make repayments, it could lead to rollovers. These rollovers can become challenging to pay off and hence lead to defaulting on payday loans. It could impact your credit score further. If you are unemployed, you may get the loan on minimal repayment proof, but it would be ideal to consider the above options first before taking the loan. If you have a short money requirement, you can ask your friends or colleagues.

Things To Consider Before Applying for A Loan on Unemployment

Missing on loan repayments may lead to defaulting on the loan, and if you have secured the loan, you may lose your precious asset too. Moreover, it could impact the credit score. Thus, if in doubt regarding the amount to borrow for fast no credit check loans for unemployed, it would be ideal to go for a lower amount. If you decide to get the loan, make sure to:

  • Identify the APR
  • Check the total loan repayments and amount
  • Do not take a secured loan unless you can afford it
  • Check interest rates

These will help you make the right decision when taking a loan while unemployed. So, yes, unemployed individuals can get a loan. The risk factor depends on the current financial management and loan repayment capability. Check out any of the above loans if you have urgent monetary requirements. Consult lenders to pick the right loan for the circumstances.

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