Very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker
  • December 5, 2020
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The significant rise in job loss during the ongoing pandemic leads to the rise of entrepreneurs and startups. However, people still found it hard to cope up with their constant financial struggle. Moreover, people that continue to try and get employment face issues from their current economic crisis.

The option for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker remains available to them. But they require coming up with the best possible repayment plan and money. So, the need for borrowing money from friends, banks, financial institutions, and other sources increases.

Moreover, borrowers find it hard to decide between online and offline loans. They offer critical differences like application processing time, lender options, creative approaches, and fee to interest rate ratio.

Distinction Between Online and Bank Loans

●    Availability of Lender Options

Unlike offline bank loans that come with limited lending options, interest rates, and choices, online loans offer many choices. Besides this, banks often tend to divert unsecured personal loan borrowers attention towards the credit card department.

Banks benefit from the double-digit interest rate received on credit cards as opposed to unsecured personal loans. On the other hand, online lenders have increased significantly since the 2009 economic downturn.

The downturn drastically affected the banks and financial institutions due to the subprime mortgage crisis. Therefore, these concrete lender offices have pulled back from providing unsecured personal loans.

Furthermore, borrowers have the alternative of taking an online unsecured personal loan that traditional banks won't provide.

●    Application Processing

Offline banks require a person to visit the office, fill an application and submit it along with the required documentation. On the other hand, online lenders, including banks, financial institutions, and others require borrowers to fill the details and submit with attachments.

Besides this, a borrower can fill an online loan application, even for focus loans anytime during the day, month, week, or year. Besides this, lenders have made the online application processing structure must faster. Therefore, the chances of receiving an update or loan become significantly more quickly.

Moreover, all offline applications go through a hard credit check that may harm the credit rating of a person with a bad history. On the other hand, the same isn't valid for online loan applications. They may only go through a soft credit check, depending on the lender.

Soft credit checks don't harm the credit rating of the borrower. However, increasing hard checks can diminish the current score and chances of receiving a loan anytime soon. Besides this, soft credit checks allow borrowers to know the exact receivable amount, repayment conditions, and more.

●    Creative Approaches

Prosper, Lending Club, and UpStart provide peer-to-peer consumer finance to borrowers. Through this model, a person can earn interest by lending money to another person on a structured online lending platform.

Moreover, the qualification requirements and processing for a peer-to-peer is often more manageable compared to a traditional bank loan. For example, UpStart provides interest rates depending on educational qualification. It also creates fixed loan repayments as a fraction depending on the borrower's income.

Similarly, Vouch also provides borrowers with a co-signing option that allows family and friends to become a fractional part of the loan. By doing so, Vouch can offer better loan options to borrowers with a bad credit rating.

●    Fees to Interest Rate Ratio

Online loans provide borrowers with the privilege of availing lower fees on loans because they don't require to pay to maintain a physical bank. Simultaneously, borrowers also have the benefit of taking lower interest rates compared to banks, especially with secured mortgage and auto loans.

Besides this, most online lending options remain unsecured. Therefore, another advantage of choosing an online lender over a bank is that there is no risk against an asset like a car, home, etc.

Unfortunately, unsecured loans come with a significant drawback, i.e., high-interest rates. It is the only possible solution for lenders to assure their repayments, even if the borrower's miss or default.

Although borrowing online should only become a viable option if the scope of the bank is no longer available. Otherwise, borrowers would end up paying more as the interest rate. The scenario becomes true, especially after comparing a personal loan to credit card interest rates.

However, the advantage of most unsecured loans is that they come with a fixed interest rate. Therefore, the borrower remains invulnerable to the changing national financial markets. Besides this, the borrower always knows the amount of monthly, quarterly, yearly or lifetime repayment and interest rates.

Conclusively, online loans offer the availability of more lenders, faster application processing, creative approaches, and better fees to interest rate ratio. Also, incorporate best practices like checking website credibility, lender market status, loan terms and conditions, etc.

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